Home Technology: The Robots Are Coming!

The robots are coming! And thankfully they are here to help you around the house. Coming from robot vacuum cleaners, the technology for home gadgets has improved into smart home technology. This smart home technology is here to help you, when you’re three sips deep in your morning coffee and your brain starts to turn on, remembering you forgot to lock the front door. Below are some innovative home tech gadgets to get you through your day. 

1. Google Home

This product is hands free help from a smart benchtop speaker. Connected to home WI-FI, users can ask Google Home questions such as “convert 4 ounces to grams”, while trying out that new recipe (hands covered in flour). You can also ask it to do things like “set alarm for 6:00am” or “play TGIF playlist”, when you remember you need to be up early or are head stuck into writing and need some musical inspiration. And don’t worry if you can’t find the remote Google home has you covered, “Ok Google, watch Stranger Things from Netflix on my lounge room TV”.  This little gadget is your personal assistant and supports multiple users. Soon ordering pizza through third party apps will be as easy as “Google, I want pizza”.  Check out more at https://madeby.google.com/home/


2.     Telstra Smart Home

You forgot to turn off the straightener, again didn’t you? Well never fear Telstra Smart Home packages have you covered. With a Smart Home Power Plug, you can switch off plugs within your home while you’re getting an Uber into work or picking the kids up from school from the convenient use of a smart phone app. If you come home late and trip getting into your home, then the door and window sensors will be your new best friend. These sensors can trigger lights to switch on when you arrive home, all through the use of the app. The sensors can also act as a detection kit and alert you when doors or windows are opened when you aren’t home. If you like to keep an eye on your home, whether you just want to watch the kids in the other room or need to see why your sensors were triggered, Telstra Smart home offers an indoor and outdoor WI-FI HD camera that you can access views of up to 5m via your phone app. See what package suits your needs at https://www.telstra.com.au/smart-home

Telstra Smart Home Camera Images

3.     Petcube Bites

Feel guilty when you try to leave the house while your pet sits at your feet and looks at you with those big ole puppy dog eyes? We know the feeling! Although this tech gadget doesn’t do your laundry or save energy, it’s definitely a mood booster through the day. This home gadget allows you to talk, play and reward you dog with treats while you’re waiting in line for the new iPhone or in between dull meetings. Through the use of a smart phone app the HD camera and 2-way audio allows you to see into your home, while calling out your pet’s name, Aww! But before you say goodbye you can reward your dog with a treat, which is automatically dispensed upon the click of a button on the app. Now you don’t have to go the day without seeing your little bundle of fluffy joy. This baby isn’t available for purchase in Australia yet but it is on the way. Find out more here https://petcube.com/en-au/bites/

Pet Cube Home Image
Rhiannon Smit