Quick Q&A with realestate.com.au

We reached out to realestate.com.au to find out the latest trends popping up in the real estate industry.

All your home needs are waiting to be discovered at realestate.com.au, with everything from buying, selling and renting. Their Lifestyle section is bursting with all your interior inspiration needs from DIY renovations to sprucing up the green space in your home. They also feature the latest in property news, if you need to find out the current real estate market stats or just want to see the quirky homes. But I’m sure we have all spent our fair share of time scrolling through the pages of real estate heaven!

Take a read of the interview to find what Australia has been up to in the property market. 

We know realestate.com.au are exceptional at monitoring its analytics, can you reveal how many people on average visit realestate.com.au every month (both in Queensland and Australia)?

realestate.com.au is the place for property with 1.2 million people visiting from Queensland and nationally we are visited by 5.7 million people every month.


Can you explain the difference between the four (4) different listing options you offer?  Is there a difference in the average number of days a property is on the market with a standard ad vs a premiere ad? 

realestate.com.au offers 4 distinct advertising options, they are Premiere, Highlight, Feature & Standard property. The listings are ranked from Premiere through to Standard, each of the advertising options also have differing image sizes and much more. Speak to your local agent about which option is best for your property. We’ve had a look into days on market for each listing product, Premiere listings sell 45% quicker than Standard listings. 


What is the latest in online advertising trends?

At realestate.com.au, we have teams dedicated to innovation and digital trends in real estate. The next big thing in digital real estate is Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality. With the emergence of easily accessible and cost effective VR headsets like Google cardboard we will see this sector grow over the coming years. Picture having an open for inspection available online 24/7.


What are your top 3 tips for making a property’s online listing stand out from the crowd?

We regularly survey visitors to our site to improve the overall experience, a part of this is understanding what they like and dislike about listings.

1.     75% of people believe that professional photography helps a listing stand out, with the façade being the best image to use first.

2.     Include a video in your listing, it is a great way to tell your property story as it helps a buyer visualise themselves in your place. Only 1 in 5 listings include a video, so it’s a great way to stand out.

3.     Avoid frustrating buyers by including all of the property details. Leaving images out, no price or address can frustrate buyers and leads to distrust.


What is the most-searched for suburb (for rent & buying) in Queensland? 

In September 2017, the most popular search in Buy & Rent was the Gold Coast, with over 1 million searches!


And finally, do you have a favourite listing that you can share with us from REA’s archive which still makes you laugh? 

We’ve had a look into the archive and one listing we did love because it is so unique and really did stand out was a listing from 2013 in Balmoral: https://www.realestate.com.au/sold/property-house-qld-balmoral-113527979

Rhiannon Smit