How Are You Decorating Your Christmas Tree?

I think we have all noticed the green, red and gold that now glistens the halls of our local shopping centres, which can only mean it’s almost time to deck our homes with some festive décor. Here are 5 style of Christmas trees to give you some inspiration for the festivities ahead. 

Traditional Tree

The forever classic traditional style of a green tree with red, gold and silver decorations. A timeless addition to any home no matter your personal style, the traditional Christmas tree holds the warmth of the holiday.

No tinsel on this tree, think of getting red, white, gold and silver ornaments and pair with warm white lighting, and don’t forget the star on top. If you have a warmer coloured home with off whites, beiges or browns go with gold, but if you have cooler colours of purples blues or crisp whites pick silver decorations. Keep the tradition going and add some green and red wreaths around the home and some red table decorations.

 Source:  celebratemag

Source: celebratemag

 Source:  talkofthehouse

Check out these for a good starting point for your Traditional Tree style:

Rustic Tree

Living the country life? Try something simple with a rustic tree style. The rustic tree gives the festive décor a family feel that’s warm and inviting. This style usually suits a home with wooden features or furniture.

Before you head out shopping, take a look in your backyard, I know I know but bear with me. Rustic trees look good with natural decorations, so if your yard has an abundant of nice looking sticks or stick twine you have a good starting point. Take a look at Scout and Nimble's page you can see how the natures of your backyard can be an effective decoration. Think of warm white lighting, natural wooden ornaments and white and brown in finishes like gift wrap. 

 Source:  scoutandnimble

Check out these for a good starting point for your Rustic Tree style:

White Christmas Tree

Many Australians don’t know the joys of a white Christmas, so why not bring it to your home. White Christmas trees add a crisper feel, brightening the overall home. This style can be quite simple or add a touch of elegance. Usually the style is suited to more modern homes.

As the White Christmas Tree is like a blank canvas, you can put your own personal twist on the tree in terms of colours or themes. For the understated trees pictured, soft golds, silvers, pinks or blue and white ornaments with crisp white lights will create a soft ambiance in your home. Add some extra frost around the home with white themed décor, try mason jars with fake snow or white branches in vases.

 Source:  cherishedbliss
 Source:  louisrubstylist

Check out these for a good starting point for your White Tree style:

Minimal Tree

Not a fan of big trees and lots of decorations in your home? The Minimal Tree is just for you. The great thing about the Minimal Tree is that it will suit every home especially those tiny apartments where fitting a large tree is not ideal, although these trees do suit the Scandinavian and minimal styles of homes much better.

The hardest part of perfecting this style is finding the right tree for you. Find a cosy spot in your home where the tree will sit perfectly, do a little measuring and then venture to the stores. There are so many ways to style a minimal tree, so add your personal touch to it. If you love minimal looks, go for the first picture and pick up a nice basket or box for the tree and add some blankets or cushions for a cosy look. You could also grab some warm lights to drape around the tree for some extra festiveness. But if you love colour, get some coloured vases or spray paint a basket and add some colourful ornaments. 

 Source:  themerrythought
 Source:  houseandhome

Source: houseandhome

Check out these for a good starting point for your Minimal Tree style:

Colourful Tree

Do you just burst at the seams when Christmas music starts playing in your local shopping centre, and the thought of gift-wrapping makes you dizzy with excitement? You need to let it all out in a creative colourful adventure with a Colourful Tree. This style will suit any home, from art deco to contemporary.

To make sure you are choosing the right products in store, do some thinking on what will look good in your home. Have some space? Sugar and Cloth out did themselves with the arrangement of different coloured and heights of trees for their space in the first picture.  Strapped for space? Add colour to your tableware or chose rainbow coloured ornaments on a green or white tree or vice versa, get a bright coloured tree and get white or silver/gold ornaments. 

 Source:  sugarandcloth

Source: sugarandcloth

 Source:  100layercake

Source: 100layercake

Check out these for a good starting point for your Colourful Tree style:


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Rhiannon Smit