DIY Christmas Wreath - Estatespace Style

Estatespace didn’t want to miss out on the fun of Christmas and decided to DIY a Christmas wreath to decorate our office.

As you all know by now, we have this thing for pink and at Christmas time that is no exception.   These DIY wreaths are so easy to make, and can be made to suit your personal style. For us, we wanted to add little pink houses to compliment the Estatespace brand. Into photography? Track down little camera toys. Lover of wine? Get some mini wine decorations and use wine corks to decorate your unique wreath.

Christmas Wreath


What you need

- Wreath ring  (Wire wreath/Wire loop/Foam wreath)

- Baubles (Rose gold look)

- Spray Paint colours of choice (Pink spray paint

- Decorations


The wreath

Purchase a wreath frame from a craft store. There are a few different types you can choose from, depending on the style you wish to decorate your wreath. We went for a single loop wire ring for a minimal style, you can also get a 4 wire loop wire wreath or even a foam circle.

Choose a colour theme

If you wish to use the decorations in the colour they are, that is great! If you’re wanting to have a bit more of a theme, choose decorations to suit your colours or spray paint decorations. Try to have 3-5 different colours that can contrast or compliment. We chose pink (of course), rose gold, silver, white and black. Keep in mind that some colours are just backing colours, to only make 2-3 colours stand out.


Select your decorations, your imagination is the limit here. You can use traditional Christmas decorations such as baubles (like we have done), or tinsel and pair with your unique decorations. Craft stores and cheap $2 stores are great for mini versions of cameras, makeup and such that can be used for this DIY. Make sure your decorations vary in size as well. To add dimension and to fill pesky gaps.



When you have decided on the decorations and colour theme, lay out the decorations on the wreath frame and position decorations to an ideal place. Stick the objects down using a hot glue gun. Start by sticking the larger decorations or decorations that sit to the back first. Then stick the smaller ones and gaps fillers on. Let it sit for an hour or two for the glue to dry properly.

Glue gun decorations


Yay! It’s done! Now place the wreath in prime position in your home. 

Christmas wreath
Rhiannon Smit