Basic, but better! Our August picks for your home.

August is here and as winter draws to an end (could it be considered winter in Queensland?), we pulled together the 5 items you'll want this month around your home.  


1. Glasshouse Fragrances Candle in Coney Island

Can't afford to pay $50+ every 5 days to have fresh blooms perfume your home? Neither can I. But alas, this candle is the perfect transition scent for leaving winter behind. This little navy package makes your home feel warm and fuzzy with Mediterranean fig, white peony and caramelised sugar.  $42.95 for the 350g with up to 80 hours of burn!! 


2. Matt Blatt Fleur Side Table

While marble has been a main attraction for some time, mass production has made the trend not as unique as we like to think we are. But our love for the tasteful interior of marble stone hasn't gone. Splurge a little ($395) for this stone and metal contrast in a most luxurious character of a dark marble top, framed by the roughness of gold. 


3. Kmart White Shaggy Rug

Don't let the Kmart tag fool you, similar designs have seen the pages of Vogue Living! Only with the added $ '000's of a price tag. This rug is a heaven sent home decor item, it will go with any room in the house. For $45 get 1.33m x 1.8m of guilt free luxury and pair it with the neutrals of grey, white and beige. But remember a dash of colour.. greenery! 


4. Pothos vine

Minimalist statement and minimal maintenance? You got it! The Pathos plant is the perfect greenery for your interior. Also known as Devil's Ivy it doesn't require intensive care to keep alive (calling all black thumbs!) These beauties don't even need soil! Pop the a leaf stem in a glass or vase of water and they'll grow. 


5. Kikki K Karlsson desk clock

This gold desk clock is a stylish addition to your lounge or study areas. A great digital distraction when wanting to check the time during work or 'me time'. There is so much versatility in placement for $39.95 its cheap addition to your home