Spring Awakening

Hello Spring! The welcomed change in weather has us cleaning off the dust that winters closed windows has gathered. So brighten up your home with our 5 picks for September.


1. Target's Ceramic Coated 28cm Frypan

While scrolling through my Facebook (for the millionth time each day) I have been left with a burning desire to obtain white ceramic cookware from watching BuzzFeed's Tasty cooking videos. As September brings in a lighter change in home wares, these white pans are the perfect addition to your spring kitchen needs at only $25. 


2. Coco Republic Sinclair Hall Table

Make a chic minimal statement with this petite side table, as a fresh solution to your home's entrance or a new addition to the little happy space in your home. Made from cast aluminium and antiqued mirror this splurge piece will thrive in lighter spaces with the addition of fresh flowers and an interest piece. Currently on sale at $1,015 from $1,195! 


3. Laura Ashley Nigella Velvet Cushion in Amethyst 

Jewel tones are making there way from the trend of millennial pink into the sophistication of names like emerald, sapphire, ruby, citrine and amethyst. Laura Ashley has released a line of subtle toned cushions in which this velvet crush has captured our hearts. Picture this cushion in your favourite chair to read in or on the stack of pillows on the bed for added colour. This cushion is a absolute steal at a sale price of $69.97 from $99.95, so get in quick before its sells out. 


4. Jasmine Dowling's Pressed Peony Print

What better way to brighten up the home than with this pressed flower print from Jasmine Dowling! The Brisbane artist loves the experimented nature of her graphic design and artwork, in which she found the beauty of her pressed flower series. The 'full blown peony explosion' belongs in your little bedroom nook so you can wake up fresh with admiration. Selling at only $55, although once you see her other prints it will be hard to keep the spending down. 

5. In Bed Store's 100% Linen Duvet Set in Moss

As winter chills fade away, a lighter bedding option is always in need. A collaboration between In Bed Store and We Are Triibe created this exclusive moss coloured linen bedding set, that only forest green dreams are made of. This set will add those extra spring vibes in your home, just don't forget to pair it with your jewel toned cushion! Subscribe to their newsletter and receive $20 off your next purchase, making this $320 instead of RRP of $340.