Why you should treat your property advertisement like your online dating profile

Gone are the days of properties simply being advertised for sale in their local agency’s front window.  As research reveals that 86% of potential buyers use the internet as their main tool to search for property, it’s never been more important to realise the importance of online marketing. 

In the Brisbane Local Government Area alone, over 110,000 residential properties are currently listed for sale on realestate.com.au.  But much like popular dating app Tinder, Australia’s top real estate portal is littered with terrible profile descriptions, dodgy photographs and unrealistic expectations.  

Here to help you and your property stand out from the crowd, Estatespace offers its top 5 tips to entice prospective buyers to click on your listing and “swipe right” to show their interest. 

  1. Photography.  Good photography is as important as presenting your property well.  The photographs of your property will often be the first impression a potential buyer will have of your house, and it can influence their decision to view it or not. There is no point spending hours / days cleaning and presenting your property, if you are simply going to take a couple of shots on your iPhone.   While the images from Apple’s “Shot on [your] iPhone” billboard campaign were in fact taken on iPhones, all photos were taken by professional photographers who knew what they were doing.  Therefore unless you are a photographer yourself or, you are as good at taking selfies as Kim Kardashian, we highly recommend getting your place professionally photographed to hide any blemishes!
  2. Property description. Fact: not everyone is a good writer and, unfortunately, writing the perfect property description which captures the buyer's attention while succinctly selling the features and benefits of the home, has become a fine art.  So just like photography, we recommend leaving this to the professionals who have an insight into the psychological prompts that will maximise interest in your property.   
  3. Highlight listing.  To maximise buyer attention and enquiry, we always recommend upgrading your online listing from a standard advertisement. This will give you a head start on your competition.
  4. Update regularly.  While we all hope to find the “one” straight away, unfortunately it sometimes takes time.  But to keep momentum going, we recommend regularly updating your online property advertisement by changing the order of the photos, updating the headline and property description. We are here to help you with that.
  5. Contact details. There is nothing more infuriating for a prospective buyer or single “swiping” on Tinder than for them to contact you, and you not respond.  So don’t be rude, don’t be a tease, include contact details which you ACTUALLY check and will respond to!

We at Estatespace, understand the importance your online property listing.  That’s why, unlike many other hybrid agencies or for sale by owner websites, we have specifically designed our Essentials Package to include:

  • Professional photography.
  • Professional copywriting.
  • A ‘Highlight Property Ad’ on realestate.com.au which showcases your property prominently towards the front of search results and receives on average 7 times more views and 4 times more enquiries than a ‘Standard ad’.
  • A ‘Silver Ad’ on domain.com.au which secures a prime position ahead of Standard listings, attracting increased property views and enquiries; and
  • Our contact details for prospective buyers to contact if and as required. 

To discuss selling your own home, please call Mia today on (07) 3180 3841 or email mia@estatespace.com.au

Mia Hickey